Metaficient™ Technologies Inc

MetaBooks™: an advanced metadata driven financial framework designed for business experts

Faster Better Cheaper
  • MetaBooks™ framework makes it possible for business experts to develop, modify and maintain end-user solutions without engineers
  • bFAST™ Modeling Tool generates small code footprint, easy to use, simple to understand intranet, internet, or cloud-based applications
  • Spreadsheets can be imported, centrally controlled in bFAST™ as to calculations/functions and exported with zero change to the way a business operates while at the same time eliminating the enormous business risk associated with their use 
  • The Metaficient™ Way is the radical change that puts business experts back in control of technology instead of technologists in control of the business model

About Us

Metaficient™ is a solutions and services company that uses cutting-edge technology to build business solutions faster, better, cheaper, and places control of that technology back in the hands of business professionals.

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