Prime by Metaficient™ is a Portfolio Management/Shadow Back Office system. Prime is a comprehensive highly automated end-user application. It has been designed to provide an “easy button” approach for busy market participants. The solution helps management take control of their model, alleviate business risk by making it possible to reduce the time spent managing the operational, accounting and investor aspects of their business.  Prime is highly configurable and can be used by asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, brokers and accounting firms. Below is a list of features and functions.

  • Multi-asset class solution
  • Multi-currency environment
  • Internal or external security master
  • Automated file import/export for trades, prices, and positions
  • Manual trade capture for all supported products when automation is not possible
  • Daily reconciliation (for broker and fund administrator) and verification process
  • Daily pricing facility with embedded price hierarchy functions
  • Net Asset Valuation calculation and process
  • Investor accounts, books and records
  • Fee calculations and realization
  • Fund and Investor Allocations
  • Investor equalization methods
  • Automated fund spreadsheet
  • Integrated general ledger
  • Accounting reporting
  • Inventory reporting
  • Investor reporting
  • Financial reports

About Us

Metaficient™ is a solutions and services company that uses cutting-edge technology to build business solutions faster, better, cheaper, and places control of that technology back in the hands of business professionals.

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