Metaficient™ is comprised of a team of self starting and highly driven individuals. We believe we are going to change the world with our technology. Our intent is to make transaction based software solutions simpler to understand, easier to use/change and extremely cost effective. We accomplish this by separating the domain complexities and communication mismatches that exist between business and technology professionals. Our process “The Metaficient™ Way,” allows business minded experts to make changes to the underlying technology solutions that drive the business model in a test driven development environment we named bFAST™ Modeling Tool. This small change in focus makes it possible for businesses to react quicker to new market opportunities and have the operational support they need to control the process and capitalize on the event.

About Us

Metaficient™ is a customer centric solutions and services company that uses leading-edge technology to build business solutions faster, better, cheaper, and places control of that technology back in the hands of the experts who know the business best.

Contact Information

Metaficient™ Technologies Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Bedford Hills, N.Y. 10507 

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