Metaficient™ solutions are highly configurable and easily extensible. All of our solutions are built with our proprietary framework named MetaBooks™.  Our rapid modeling tool named bFAST™ quickly delivers easy to understand and simple to use customer solutions. It lets us mold in detail small code footprint solutions around your business, processes and procedures.  This lets you take full control of your business model.  Making life simpler, easier and stress fee, that is The Metaficient™ Way.

About Us

Metaficient™ is a customer centric solutions and services company that uses leading-edge technology to build business solutions faster, better, cheaper, and places control of that technology back in the hands of the experts who know the business best.

Contact Information

Metaficient™ Technologies Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Bedford Hills, N.Y. 10507 

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