The Metaficient™ Way is for the financial applications to be described by a set of business rules, definitions and calculations using MetaBooks™. These elements are more commonly called “metadata”, and they are written and controlled by business experts.  In this new world, programmers focus on building the platform and tools that interpret the metadata, but BE's are responsible for the metadata that drives the business. This change in technology and professional focus puts business back in control of technology instead of having technology in control of business.

Results of following the Metaficient™ Way:

  • Business logic is no longer embedded in programming languages that only programmers understand, but is instead in human readable metadata in MetaBooks™
  • Business applications are easily understood by the people who understand the business.
  • Business risk associated with the over-reliance and use of spreadsheets is eliminated because they can be modeled into the system.
  • Business experts can answer questions about what the software does and why it does it.
  • Business experts are empowered to change the software that does not match business needs.
  • Businesses are agile, able to respond to new opportunities or changes in requirements on-demand.  
  • Programmers are no longer required to learn the expensive details of business and its rules.
  • Programmers are focused on solving the true technical aspects of delivering the tools analysts can use.
  • The complications of knowing the business and knowing the technology are separated.
  • Applications have small footprints, because they contain only business rules, not technology details.
  • Any one or two business experts can understand the whole system front to back.
  • IT is significantly less expensive, because business experts can solve metadata problems directly.

The financial company is revolutionized.  

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Metaficient™ is a customer centric solutions and services company that uses leading-edge technology to build business solutions faster, better, cheaper, and places control of that technology back in the hands of the experts who know the business best.

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