Taming the Sea of Spreadsheets

MetaBooks™ is our proprietary financial framework that allows business experts to create and centrally control their financial applications and downstream spreadsheets. 

This comprehensive framework and set of business expert tools are powerful allies in the fight against taking control of disparate systems and spreadsheets. 

The framework contains its own database rules and business expert tools specifically designed to give business experts central control.

There is a set of importers and exporters to transfer data across other databases or to or from the Internet or cloud or other software systems. 

The data can be in a variety of formats, but one of the most important in financial applications is spreadsheets, whether they are in XLS, XLSX, CSV or TXT formats.

MetaBooks™ can be used to control the data and calculations inside spreadsheets

This feature eliminates the possibility for spreadsheet errors to occur and be promulgated across an enterprise.  

Spreadsheets as A Data Source  

MetaBooks™ can import any kind of spreadsheet.  

The simplest of spreadsheets, are those where each tab contains a single table, with the first row giving the name of each column.

MetaBooks™ can also import spreadsheets where each tab is divided into sub-tables, with different data types in each sub-table. 

It can import spreadsheets where even and odd rows need to be combined to form a data item, or where different rows represent entirely different data types. 

For example, a broker’s activity file will contain a list of transactions, and the interpretation of a field in a row depends on the kind of transaction it represents. 

MetaBooks™ importers easily handle files with these characteristics.

Controlling Your Spreadsheets

MetaBooks™ has a powerful set of tools for defining, creating importing, exporting and promulgating correct, compliant spreadsheets and systems.  

A business expert uses the bFAST™ Tool to define the importers and exporters.

MetaBooks™ has a set of reusable behaviors like “Spreadsheet” that defines the process for inserting data into a spreadsheet straight from MetaBooks™.

The creation process is simple; it starts with a template, which is a spreadsheet that defines the conditional formatting and formulas to be used in the distributed spreadsheets. 

The result is that MetaBooks™ can produce just about any kind of spreadsheet while always keeping central control of the data and the formulas being used throughout the operation.

If you want to set up a process where business requirements dictate performance on a regular or daily basis then MetaBooks™ is a far superior alternative giving you complete control of your spreadsheet environment. 

No More Headaches

MetaBooks™ is built to support and develop transaction-based systems and control spreadsheets.  

The direct import and export of spreadsheets is only one of its features, but it is one feature that can be useful in any enterprise that uses spreadsheets.

Many enterprise systems need to control spreadsheets as data is collected across an organization rolling upward and outward.

The power of MetaBooks™ to control the distribution, content, compliance, import and export of spreadsheets can help ensure that spreadsheets are accurate and that they are an exact reflection of management policies.

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